Target audience
Oracle customers
Use our expertise to manage Oracle assets, save on support fees and interact with the vendor.
Oracle partners
Rely on our technical and financial analysis to prepare for bids, justify migrations or advocate for their customers.
Legal and consulting companies
Make us a part of the project teams working on audits, IPOs and vendor relations.
>$ 3 000 000 000
saved for our customers on software licenses since 2014
Our services
Customer support during Oracle audit
ULA-certification support
Audit and migration services to (from) Oracle
Technical suppot cost optimization
Ivan Baklanoff
Founder and CEO
During his 6 year tenure at Oracle Corporation, Ivan spent over 4,5 years at Oracle License Management Services (LMS), a line of business, responsible for license compliance and customer audits. He was in charge of large customers in Russia and CIS, and played a leading role in several dozens of engagements and coordination of largest licensing deals. He founded ITC in 2014.
Why us?
We have over 6 years hands-on experience with Oracle licensing policies, representing both — the vendor and a customer. We understand the intricacies of local operations in Russia, CIS and Europe. Our keep the experience constantly updated.
We do not resell Oracle and keep focus on licensing consultancy only. This allows us to advocate for the customer without a threat of the vendor interfering with our business.
Tools and methods
We use the same methods and scripts, as the Oracle LMS auditors. This gives us a very precise asset evaluation and allows to estimate risks and exposures to tailor the customer protection strategy.
We fully advocate for the customer. Our actions are based on a detailed analysis of legal and technical aspects and the understanding of policies and limitations. We never push a customer towards risky, non-compliant or expensive strategies.
We do care
Oracle licensing relies on a large number of rules, prerequisites, and limitations. Most statements allow for multiple interpretations and do not allow to define efficient and risk-free options for a certain customer case.
License complexity
We understand the licensing most peciliar issues and support our customers in choosing the most suitable and economically effective model.
Oracle contracts contain the audit clause as a default option. It is enabled for customers and partners alike. The vendor is fully entitled to make use of the privilege.
We perform a friendly audit with the same tools as Oracle, peruse the contracts and tailor the optimization options for the customer.
ULA — (virtually) unlimited volume of license for a fixed amount of money for 3 years or more. The contents should be meticulously discussed and bargained with the vendor.
ULA (Unlmited License Agreement)
We create specifications, rollout plans, compile contracts for the customer. We also support the deployment and assist in passing the certification on ULA expiration.
Control over procurement, use and maintenance of the software is traditionally spread across departments. Inconsistency is a great factor of risk, non-compliance and as a result overpay.
SAM (Software Asset Management)
We define most beneficial licensing terms, create workflows to centralize procurement and track inventory of existing IT-assets.
Both renewal and termination of Oracle support in certain cases can help optimize TCO, while maintaining compliance and getting the full of the software functionality.
Technical Support
We assess and justify the effects of support renewal or software migration (if considered possible). We can also help arrange professional third-party support for your Oracle systems.
As licensing notions are complex and non-transparent, a contract contains inherent risk, which can be triggered during a conflict or agressive sales activity of the vendor.
Legal Exposures
We take care of every detail to justify customer's position during the audit even in most controversial cases. We also act on behalf of the customer facing the vendor in legally significant interactions.
We provide our expertise not only to Russian customers, but also across the region in Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia, Central Asia, Mongolia and Europe.
Our cases
Audit process has no industry specifics, but is significantly dependent on the license ownership structure and infrastructure
Largest retail chain (RU)
Oracle claims amounting to $1.2 mi. Potential legal actions.

Claimed amounts decreased 2,5 times. Legal actions cancelled. Discount negotiated for future purchases.
Steel and mining group (TOP-5, RU)
Oracle audit revealed a significant underlicensing.

License cost optimized 2,3 times due to compilation of a unified contract. Discount fortechnical support was provided.
Bank (TOP-40)
Oracle performed LMS audit

Express analysis of LMS findings performed. LMS claims successfully challenged. Savings on license cost - 3,7 times.
Telecommunications holding (TOP-4)
Optimized the procurement, savings - 63%
Transportation company
Post-ULA certification assistance. Optimized TCO for Oracle assets.
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